Razor Cunts

listen/buy to our EP Chickmeat here

listen/buy our album Nature's Pocket (2017) released with Kitchen Leg Records here

The Razor Cunts have played various concerts and festivals around Europe since 2015, including Down by The River Festival - Berlin 2015, Ladyfest - Innsbruck 2015, The F Word - Amsterdam 2016, Punkhurst Mutants II - Athens 2016,  Queer Referate Graz 2016, Red Dawn Festival - Ljubljana 2016, Tampere Film Festival 2017, Ladyfest - Tallinn 2017, Wilhelmine show me the No No No - Vienna Release Show 2017, Queeruption - Budapest 2017... to be cont'd.

We've also played several fundraisers in Berlin and beyond, i.e. for refugees, pro-abortion in Ireland, and have played with such wonderful bands as Peach Kelli Pop, Les Kellies, Schapka, King's Queer, and ┼Żen, but to name just a few.


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