Razor Cunts

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The Razor Cunts have played various concerts and festivals around Europe since 2015, including Down by The River Festival - Berlin 2015, Ladyfest - Innsbruck 2015, The F Word - Amsterdam 2016, Punkhurst Mutants II - Athens 2016,  Queer Referate Graz 2016, Red Dawn Festival - Ljubljana 2016, Tampere Film Festival 2017, Ladyfest - Tallinn 2017, Wilhelmine show me the No No No - Vienna Release Show 2017, Queeruption - Budapest 2017... to be cont'd.

We've also played several fundraisers in Berlin and beyond, i.e. for refugees, pro-abortion in Ireland, and have played with such wonderful bands as Peach Kelli Pop, Les Kellies, Schapka, King's Queer, and ┼Żen, but to name just a few.

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