Miasma (Pank Magazine - coming soon)

Mermaids (SAND #24 - coming soon)

Ninety-Nine Pink Vaginas (SAND #21 - 10th Anniversary)

Lick my Covid (Queer Erotica Zine by Girls to the Front)

Greenland Sharks (The Fiddlehead)

Chloe (Joyland)

Killer (Hairtreak Butterfly Review)

The Local Pool (Feathertale)  

The Contortionist (The Wild Word)

Ladybird (Crab Fat Magazine)

The Colour of Love (Electric Literature)

Taurus (Rejected McSweeney's Lists)

A Kid Going By (Leopardskin & Limes)

Wormwood (excerpt from novel in progress) (Zvonia i Nari)

A Love Story is a Story that Ends Badly (Litro)

Are You Jesus? (Plenitude)

Arboreal (Fanzine)

Putin's Soul (The Missing Slate)

Burned by the Stake (Transnational Queer Underground)

A Change of Seasons (Chirp: Owl Kids -- audio recording)

The Day the Birds Fell Out of the Sky (The Fem)

O (Riddle Fence)

Ninety-Nine Pink Vaginas (SAND )

Changes (Slink Chunk Press)

Moonbows (Space Squid)

micro-macro-dont-sexuals (Sympathy II)

Middle-Age, Love & Spandex (Drunk Monkeys)

How to be a Woman (Burlesque Press)

The Bet (Sidereal Journal)

How I Write (The Pigeonhole)

Marissa & the Fuzzcocks / Marbles (Peaches Lit Magazine)

Stan & Irene (Spank the Carp)

Coffee & Books (Clever Magazine)

Duck, Duck, Goose (Intrinsick)

This is What Happens When You Don't Really Know What's Happening (The Oddville Press)

The Atlantic (Literally Stories)

The Burning of Mary Queen (Shortlisted for the Fresher Writing Prize 2015)

M41 (NPR Berlin)

Why We're Not Friends Anymore: An Open Letter (Queer Stories: Volume 1)

Billy Ghosts / Billy I Duchy (Polish translation by Agata Wnuk) (Girls to the Front Zine II)

Megalodon (Polish translation by Agata Wnuk) (Girls to the Front Zine IV)

Neukölln: New Cologne, Eau du Toilette, Toilet Bowl (Letters From Berlin. The Pigeonhole) You can read a short excerpt from it here.

A Slightly Sexually Provocative Short Story (Tales From Another Country Anthology / Shortlisted for the Reader 2012 Short Story Contest)

I'm a Better Person than You ™ (The Lifted Brow Digital Volume 13, Issue 2: The Office Dog Edition)

Kinda Really Short Stories and Other Shit (my writing blog)

The Fantabulous Family Movie Night (My other blog)

Other Writing Related Things

Creative Writing Instructor. See here for upcoming creative writing workshops in Berlin, Germany and online: http://www.leopardskinandlimes.com/about/events/

Or contact: info <at> leopardskinandlimes.com if interested in booking me to teach a workshop and/or do editing work, manuscript assessment, etc.

Co-Host of the Speakeasy Readings Series (University of Guelph MFA in Creative Writing’s Reading series). 2017-2018

MFA Candidate in Creative Writing at Guelph University.

Participant of Lit Jam (2018): International Festival of Authors Weekly in Toronto.

Author reader at Eden Mills Literary Festival September 2017.

Nominated for the 2017 Journey Prize.

Founder, managing and fiction editor of Leopardskin & Limes.

Attended two weeks writer's residency ZVONI i NARI in Croatia. May 2017. Info about them can be seen here.

Selected and participated in the workshops DEMONIO! DEMONIO! in February 2017 with the artists Bedwyr Williams and Tai Shani and FUTURE RUINS in April 2017 with the artist Kapwani Kiwanga. Both at The Institute of Things to Come in Turin, Italy. Curated by Ludovica Carbotta and Valerio Del Baglivo. More info can be seen here.

"Author of the Month" and interview with The Missing Slate can be read here.

Editors and Contributors Books of 2015, The Missing Slate, about Miranda July's The First Bad Man can be read here.

Six Questions for Jane Flett, Poetry Editor, and Ambika Thompson, Fiction Editor, Leopardskin and Limes can be read here.

Jane Flett Interviews Ambika Thompson Interviews Jane Flett can be read here.

The Gnomon and the Tiger (2016 Finalist for the Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction prize) 

Boredom, Sex, War -- In That Order (2017 Longlisted for Plenitude Magazine's Rainbow Unicorn Stuffie Mix-Tape Awesomeness Flash Writing Contest)

Dead Girl (2018 Longlisted for the Stockholm Writers Festival First Pages Prize)